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May 5th, 2015

Pulmonary fibrosis medicineMy husband has had bad COPD and smoked for so many years. This past year he has had 4 surgeries in a row for broken shoulder and staph infections and all the medications and the Pulmonary doctor gave him all these new inhalers, (they don’t work and I know this). So he let me buy your product and it has helped him a lot. He is using his o2 less and no wheezing…many, many less COPD Emergency Rooms runs….

-Patricia C. Baltimore, MD

October 10th, 2014 
7:34 am

We live in Adelaide Australia where my mother in law has been suffering with bronchitis for approximately twenty five years. Her case is severe, leaving her with 1/3 of one lung active and the other completely deceased. Two years ago her specialist had exhausted all avenues, she was effectively house bound and unable to walk more than a few steps.
My wife and I researched pulmonary disorders online and discovered your product. After discussions with her specialist to ascertain if there was a possibility of adverse reaction to other drugs we placed an order. My Mother in law was a little skeptical as expected however agreed to trial the complete pulmonary health package.
Within a month she said she noticed an improvement, within two months she had resumed light duties around the house such as cooking, ironing etc.
Over the last nine months we are convinced your product has both kept Hilde alive and given her quality of life again. Her specialist is now also astounded by her condition.

Many thanks!

Rob B.

July 25, 2014

“Dear Sirs:

About 5 years ago I was diagnosed with COPD, Pulmonary Fibrosis. As in most cases with people who get this the prognosis is very grim. I was told by one of my doctors that worst case scenario was I had 3 years left, and best case was that I had 5 years left. The doctors at the VA started me on steroids, which he stated “was not good”. But at the time, there was no other alternative for people with my condition.

I started doing research on the internet for an alternative medicine for treatment of my condition. I came upon your website which claimed to have good success with your pills for treatment of pulmonary conditions. I ordered a three month supply and started taking your products. I began to have immediate relief of symptoms and was afraid that it was my imagination. However, my condition kept improving and I began to have HOPE!!

As in most cases, when asking a medical doctor, they dismiss it as a “snake oil” treatment and often encourage patients to stop those types of treatment. However, I continued to take the pills and it has been about 3 years now. During my last office visit, I asked my physician if I could get a set of X-rays to show my pulmonary physician to see if there had been any improvement. The x-rays were taken and taken to my Pulmonary physician. He looked at the X-rays and said “ I don’t know what you are doing, but keep doing it”. He also stated that if you were selling stock “I’m buying”. He stated that not only had I not gotten worse, but that my lung condition had actually improved. He then stated that he would like information on this product as they have no other alternative but steroids with patients with this lung condition.

When I left, I felt excitement! I told my wife, “There is hope!” Please keep up the good work. I will be ordering more pills shortly.”


 -Fred R. Albuquerque, New Mexico


“I work on airplanes and lately I have had a very difficult time breathing. I have been also coughing a lot. I went to the doctor, and they sent me to a lung specialist. This specialist informed me word for word: ‘You have pulmonary fibrosis, and this condition gets worse until you eventually die’.

I asked what could be done, and he had no clear solution to my problem. A friend of mine (Shirley S. *name hidden for privacy) found your company and products online and ordered them for me. Literally after just 2-days, I could take full and deep breaths for the very first time in a long while. This improvement continued to the point I could return to work 8-hours a day! This is excellent for a guy that is 85-years old!

I wanted to see what would happen if I stopped taking these products, and to be sure it was in fact these products improving my breathing. After stopping, it got immediately worse. I am very anxious to get another order soon! I cannot say enough good things about your company and products. I am glad to know there is somebody out there who cares about people with conditions like mine!

When I get feeling better again here in 2014, I will be returning to my lung specialist, and advising him to offfer these products as an alternative solution for people dealing with what I am. Thanks again.

-John A. Keller, Texas

12/27 2013 9:17am

Dear Sir:
I am sorry for the delay.  I would be glad to tell you of my experience of using your, “Respiron”.  I have been using “N-Acetyl Cysteine, 600mg since April, 2010, for my breathing problem.  It has helped. I accidentally found your product by searching the internet.  I had seeked the approval of my doctor and I have used one bottle (60 tab.) and I can tell my breathing is has improved and I am waiting delivery of my second.  I am taking 2 tab. per day and have not experienced any side effects. I am well satisfied with “Respiron” and plan to continue using your product.  I recommend it to anyone having breathing problems or Pulmonary Fibrosis.

Raymond M. C. Lake Charles, Louisiana



“For years I have watched my father struggle with pulmonary issues. The specialist he sees only gives him inhalers, oxygen and steroids. They seem to help, but only temporarily. I was doing some research online when I found your products. We decided to give them a try…Best decision we have made. My father’s oxygen levels were going up after a few weeks of the recommended dosages in the package. His coughing & wheezing is less and his energy levels are improving. These are great products, we thank you!”

-Julie B. Green Bay, Wisconsin

“Got recommended your products by a friend I met dealing with the same issues at my clinic. I ordered the complete package and after the first month is when I saw a big improvement in my breathing. The agent that helped me warned that it takes time to build up in the body. He was right. I highly recommend these products and Pulmonary Health Now.”

-Carl W. Wildwood, NJ


“I have been suffering with IPF for the last 5-years. It seemed to get worse every year. When I found out there was no cure, I was really upset. I started researching online and found your website. These products work really well. I used to get really light headed going upstairs and tired. I now do not experience this at all. I can link this directly to your great health products. Thank you so much!”

-Jerry G. Reno, NV

“If you have any kind of lung conditions, it’s a good idea to try these natural products. They really do work well. I recommend them highly.”

-Samuel H. Boise, ID

“I could not bare to hear my husband suffering anymore. We had to sleep in separate rooms because I am a light sleeper. This really hurt my feelings to see him this way and to not be able to sleep in the same room together as a married couple. He was really not interested in trying these products at all. I practically had to force him! When he saw how much his energy and oxygen levels improved, he began to order his own refills! We now sleep together again and he barely if ever uses his oxygen now. The products were a miracle for us! Thank you so much!”

-Cindy T. Dayton, OH

“I started using these products for about 3-months and recently had a C-reactive protein test redone. The levels of inflammation had gone done substantially. I feel much healthier overall and am thoroughly pleased with the high quality put into these health products. Many thanks!”

-Marilyn M. Sydney, Australia

“When I was researching information about fluid build-up in my lungs, I stumbled across your company. I now have been using them for 4-months I am guessing. My doctor says the fluid levels have ‘reduced themselves’ to almost completely gone. I have been dealing with this for years and nothing helped this much. I know it’s from your pulmonary health package. Great products, Great job!”

-Ronald D. Wales, UK

“I was told to get chest X-rays of my IPF before taking these products to monitor the progress. I didn’t do it right away and started taking these products anyways. My doctor explained to me in my most recent visit that my vital capacity has improved very well and the scarring in my lungs did not look as heavy as before when I was first was diagnosed. I have been taking these products for about 5-months now.

I feel much better overall. It is a gradual improvement every few weeks, but I am thrilled to just be improving, and not declining. I am very happy that I am using these quality products. I’d confidently recommend them to anyone in a similar situation”

-Harry T. Billings, Montana 

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