Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What’s The Low Price & 110% Purity Guarantee?

We guarantee 110% that you will not find these exact pulmonary health products anywhere else at a lower price. If you do, we will match it and minus an additional 10% off for an entire 365-days!

We also guarantee that our products are 100% potent and of the most purest ingredients possible, exactly as labeled, or your full money back. Our manufacturing facilities are all GMP certified (Good Manufacturing Practice). This type of certification is only rewarded to manufacturing plants that consistently produce high quality products, time after time. Only the most highest grade ingredients make it past our stringent inspection process, before being made.

Q: Do These Products Cure Pulmonary Fibrosis,
Idiopathic Fibrosis, COPD, Interstitial Fibrosis,
Emphysema, Cystic Fibrosis Or Other Pulmonary Disorders?

Answer: This is something we can not promise nor guarantee, as there are no known clear, surefire 100% cures for these disorders. However, studies have been done on the ingredients of each of the 5-products that we offer, and have been proven highly effective for supporting the symptoms caused from these disorders, and can greatly improve the pulmonary system over time. These advanced pulmonary products are also designed to relieve your condition, help stabilize and make it much more manageable day-to-day.

Q: Will These Products React With My Other Medications?

Answer: These products do not contain toxic additives or chemicals. We recommend to start with what we refer to as an ‘introductory phase’. This is a smaller dosage the first week to allow your body to adjust to the products, this is optional. We have had no complaints to date of side effects or adverse reactions from using any of your products.

We only advise consulting a licensed care practitioner before taking Enzymex+™ enzyme product if you are currently taking: Blood thinning medications. We have many consumers that are taking both together with no reported issues, but this is for precautionary measures. It is noted that enzymes also work as a natural anti-coagulant, and taking two together may be too much for some. We also have a package that does not contain Enzymex+™, in our
Order Products page, if you deem this a more fit package for your needs.

Q: How Do I Take These Products?

Answer: Detailed recommended dosage instructions are included in every package. The products are ok to be taken together, and most people spread out dosages throughout the course of the day. The ingredients in our capsules and tablets are filled with pulmonary improving vitamins, health supplements and other vital pulmonary repairing ingredients. So the longer you are using them, the more your body can see & feel better health improvements. It is recommended to get into a regular maintenance routine for continued good pulmonary & general overall health.


Q: Where Are These Products Made?

Answer: All of our products are formulated in the USA in our contracted multi-million dollarIdiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Medicine facilities. Our manufacturing plants must go through very strict and rigorous inspections. Our facilities are ‘GMP’ certified. This means ‘Good Manufacturing Practice’ for consistent, potent, purity and of the highest quality ingredients put into every single bottle that we produce and provide to you, our valued customers.