There are many treatments for COPD. Some are more invasive than others. These treatments include several natural treatments.

COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is a progressive disease that causes airway inflammation and a large increase of mucus in the lungs. The increase in mucus and inflammation can  limit the airflow to the lungs and continue to increase over time. COPD can cause a variety of symptoms to include tightness in the chest, wheezing, shortness of breath and difficulty breathing. This can  impact your daily routine by limiting your physical abilities. Millions of people in the U.S. are diagnosed with COPD every year.

This disease was said to be the sixth leading cause of death in the early nineties and some are expecting it to move to the fourth cause of death by the year 2030. The leading cause of COPD is thought to be smoking. Some of the factors they may contribute to the problem include long time exposure to dust, chemical fumes and pollen and other pollutants.

 Some of the proven natural support products that are on the market are:

 Serrapeptase is a natural enzyme that is said to have an effect on COPD symptoms and  according to one study found on the National Institute of Health website:

 “-may exert a beneficial effect on mucus clearance by reducing neutrophil numbers and altering the viscoelasticity of sputum in patients with chronic airway diseases.”

Acetyl L-Carnetine is a naturally biosynthesized amino acid. It is said to have an antioxidant effect and also have an effect on inspiratory muscles and exercise tolerance. It has been studied and according to one study found on the National Institute of Health website:

“The present data suggest that carnitine can improve exercise tolerance and inspiratory muscle strength in COPD patients, as well as reduce lactate production.”

N-Acetyl Cysteine also has been clinically proven effective as the most powerful natural lung antioxidant and can help the repair process effectively. These are just a few natural treatments that may help with COPD. There are many natural treatments that can have positive effects on COPD. Natural treatments have been studied and hold much hope for those that have developed COPD and are now having difficulty breathing and exercising.
Looking into natural treatments could help greatly. Finding the ones that work best and adjusting them for the best results might be helpful. Keep in mind that some supplements and treatments can have unintended effects and should be used under the supervision of your health care provider. A nutritious and balanced diet and exercise program is generally recommended as is checking with your health care provider to make sure that your health care regimens, diet and exercise are suited to your optimal health.