90 Day Guarantee


If for any reason in 90 days you are not satisfied with the improvement in your lung condition by using our products, let us know for a full refund of your money*. Our products are formulated to improve lung inflammation, oxygen levels, reduce lung hardening, scarring, coughing, wheezing and as well as improve energy levels over time of regular usage.
One must be committed to following the regular usage schedules and also stay committed to obtaining results within time.

Our products are not similarly compared to most ‘prescription’ pulmonary Idiopathic Pulmonary Meddrugs that contain dangerous man-made chemicals designed to only ‘trick’ the brain into thinking it is feeling better. These prescribed drugs often give the brain just enough of a ‘false healing’ effect to want to make you continue to buy more of the side effect causing chemical drugs, in hopes to see more improvement.

Our products are designed to fuel the body with much-needed potent natural enzymes, highly concentrated nutrients and hard to attain supplements that are designed to boost the core of your immune system. This begins to repair the damage to your pulmonary system, day by day, week by week. This process is not instantaneous. Our regular and long time happy customers report best results are seen after following the outlined regimen in our health package after approximately 2-3+ months.

          To Your Health,

Reverse Lung Scarring

*Note: Opened bottles are non-refundable. We also do not refund national and international shipping fees.